Anonymous asked:

heey, do you have any tips on how to make people you draw (as fanart) look more like themselves? it's really haard :( xx

radadusta answered:

it’s a good question anon. (i duno if mine is looked like the real one though - but at least my larry is still can be recognized :D ) i will explain this one, but for 1D or larry fanart only because this is what i draw the most lately.

1. Reference. lotsa reference. for one drawing i can have 5-8 reference at once haha. but later you don’t have to use that many though.

2. facial details. the most important thing when i draw them is their eye, eyebrow and nose. - the lips is depend. i mean, when we made the eye and the eybrow resemblance enough, the lips can be skipped (though i love drawing harry lips :D because IT’S SEX LIP!!! who can skip such a sexy lips?!). Oh and don’t forget about stubble. Louis with stubble is sexiest ever, so i always draw him with it :D

3. body frame (what is it even called?) for example:  lanky-long legs harry, short and tiny louis, active niall, stocky liam, and model zayn. Oh and the gesture is important too i think, but this one is depend on how you want them to be pictured :)

4. costume. draw them in what they put on the most - i almost always give harry rosario - and a band shirt, or a shirt that has 4 button opnened, to make him looked like him. And i always use white with a black box t-shirt for louis just because i love him in that shirt.

5. hairstyle. yesh, it is what is really iconic in every character (for me). the color, the texture and the hairstyle.

6. tattoo. (but i’m not giving them a tattoo on some fanart because i’m too lazy, and it is bad because sometime people missed what i draw and think that it is not them haha. I mean yeeeeh…. it’s their signature, the tattoo. and it is meaningful too, right?)

that’s all, i’m no good with explanation and my english is shitty but i hope you get what i mean :D